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Experience is the key to top quality translations, and the best way to ensure your documents are translated to the highest standard is to entrust them to a qualified professional with a proven track record.

Jennifer is a member of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Linguists, and has been translating biomedical and legal documents for over 15 years, working with leading bilingual peer-reviewed medical journals, major research and teaching organisations, legal firms, and many private clients. 


Biomedicine and law are specialised fields that require top quality, highly accurate translations. In the biomedical field, translators must be able to understand complex medical procedures and write to a publishable standard. Legal translation, meanwhile, requires in-depth understanding of the legal systems in use in Spanish- and English-speaking countries (common and civil law), and translators must be able to produce documents that can be used in legal proceedings. Proficiency in both these fieds is only gained through years of experience and a commitment to continuing professional development.


When it's all about quality, the most discerning clients choose reliable freelance translators such as Jennifer over agencies because in addition to getting the most competitive rates, they want to be sure the linguist has the skills and experience needed, and will be available for follow-up. 

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